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How to tell if you're an 'addict'

  1. You play more than twice a week and own at least 3 racquets.
  2. You plan your holidays and social life around club nights and matches.
  3. You Sky+ televised tournaments then keep rewinding in slow motion to see if you can pick up any playing tips.
  4. You fancy Gail Emms or Nathan Robertson more than Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt.
  5. You dream about shots you played or will play.
  6. You wonder whether to shake someone's hand using the forehand or backhand grip when greeting them.


Test your badminton knowledge with this cunning quiz (answers at bottom of page)

  1. At which Olympic Games was Badminton first introduced as a demonstration sport?
  2. In which city are the annual All England Badminton Championships held?
  3. Who is the current Mens Singles World Champion?
  4. What nationality is top woman player Carolina Marin?
  5. How many feathers are there in a Badminton shuttle?

I didn't know that....

Top Badminton excuses.

Answers: 1. 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games 2. Birmingham, England 3. Chen Long 4. Spanish 5. 16