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Joining the Club

A good way to find out whether you will enjoy playing at the Club is to try us out before joining. This will allow you to see what sort of standard we play to and check out whether we really are as friendly as we like to think we are! Visitors are always welcome and if you would like to 'test drive' us you should contact the Club Secretary, Gordon Newstead in the first instance as this will allow us to tell you a bit more about the club, and ensure that a member is expecting you to explain the peg board system and club etiquette. Visitors pay a small fee for the first 3 weeks but this is refunded when joining the club.

Membership fees

Our current membership fees represents fantastic value for money. We have 3 courts available so even on a busy club night you're never sitting off for long, we play with good quality feather shuttlecocks and the facilities at the leisure centre are superb, with plenty of free parking space and excellent showers. There are approximately 30 club nights available during the normal Senior club season which equates to around 4.60 per night or an amazing 1.56 per hour. That's less than 2 drinks at the local pub or a childs cinema ticket! Where else can you get a whole night of great value entertainment with really nice people whilst keeping fit and healthy for less than a fiver? The Summer club ensures you can maintain your standard ready for the new season and keep burning those calories for that six pack holiday stomach! There are approximately 21 sessions available during the Summer club which again equates to incredible value for money at just over 4 per night or an even more amazing 1.42 per hour, you can also pay per session if you prefer.

Senior club (September - April)



Adult            140 
Junior adult 70
Visitor 6 per session
Student (under 25) 70 or 5 per session

Junior club (September - April)

Junior 65

Summer club (April - September)

Adult 90 or 6 per session
Junior adult 45 or 3 per session

Who's who?

Chair:                          Andy Longton 
Treasurer:                    Andy Longton
Club/Match Secretary:   Gordon Newstead
Chair of Selectors:         Geoff Rogerson
Publicity Officer:           Adrian Mateo
Junior Coordinator:      Gordon Newstead

How to find us

We play at the excellent leisure centre in East Leake:

   East Leake Leisure Centre
   Lantern Lane
   East Leake
   Near Loughborough
   LE12 6QN

Please use this link for a detailed map: Google maps