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  1. Set up exactly as you would for an overhead smash (see Previous Tips), turning your non-racquet shoulder to face your target. Hold your racquet arm high with the racquet's head behind you, at about shoulder height. Position yourself behind and beneath the shuttle.
  2. Transfer your weight back to your racquet foot (your back foot).Drop
  3. Swing as you would for a smash (or overhead clear), opening your body and swinging from the shoulder and transferring your weight onto your front foot.
  4. Strike the shuttle in front of you but limit your follow-through, using little wrist action and a slight push motion, so that the shuttle barely crosses the net. A fast net drop can also be played, although this requires slightly more wrist action.
  5. Strike the shuttle softly with a closed racquet face, causing a level or downward trajectory on the shuttle.
  6. Aim for the sidelines or right in the centre of the court if playing level doubles.
  7. Return quickly to your ready position.
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